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Julie Kritzer

Born December 12/12/1984
She is currently a volunteer at the Hebrew Home for the elderly in Rockville MD. In 2004 she won a volunteer of the year award for Volunteering at an organization called Potomac Community Resources which provides some care and activities for teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities. She finished her last year of high school home schooled taking a few classes at Montgomery College. In 2010 she received her Associate of Arts from Montgomery College. She has been published there and in a publication for people who live in the same apartment program she does at Jewish Foundation for Group Homes this Publication is Called Hadashot. She sang in a choir called Washington Vocal Artists for many years and still takes voice lessons.

Nourishment 2011

As much to nourish the body
To nourish the soul
That is how piece half become whole
Of course if the body is given too little or too much
When it comes to nourishment
Then the soul will be brought off-balance
And whatever feeds the soul like love or talent
Won't be right for the days but you can slowly fix it
Make the negative go away
Wholey the soul must be made full
By matters that matter or you will become invisible to
Teaching others and really yourself
That you're okay
Trying to make those invisible profiles of others go away

Mountains 2010

It seems I've climbed every mountain that needed to be climbed
At least in the book of Julie which was written long ago
But yet my life wants to bring something for the years
to come
And a feeling comes to me
Something strange
I know there will be another book of Julie
Chapter 2 3 and maybe 4
And the people affected by Julie will hopefully be pleased some more
As I climb mountain as I've had to do all my life
I lie in a stream baptized as a Jew
Knowing this is not my life
But I will learn to swim soon and rise as water rises
The fish tell me "you aren't happy now but wait my chap my girl
Our chapter will rise in the water"


A dry piece of air
Pushing a tear from my eye
Yet I haven't cried


(Dedicted to Cantor Sue Roemer 2009)

I live to sing with the beauty
You taught me Judaism has
And as long as songs can be sung
You are the force above me




Noah Thomas Farruggia

(In Honor of my new Nephew 2011)

As Daddy Holds you in his arms
You smile back with all your charms
Saying I know this game
Mommy taught me this
All those weeks
I was without a kiss
Where am I going?
What's in this place?
I keep getting bigger
So does my face
So the best thing to do is smile
Because, I Noah Thomas
Will hold the family together
For a while

Snow Flake 2009

I want to catch a snowflake in my hand
Hold it all winter
Trace its beauty against me
So when spring comes
I can spread something i have learned
To every flower in my reach

Life 2010

Though I look around it wildly
Stated kindly in a dream
Someone looks around it mildly
Knowing we will always see

The word that I have used
Though I'm not sure
I used to say that I was weird
Also unique and special evermore

Days went by and life grew tough
Goals aren't realized in your sleep
Comfort is old and very rough
But I didn't want to ask and plead

It tore me to pieces it really did
Adolescence not the norm
But really what you find out later
Is that for everyone its a thunderstorm

For anything more than what I have
Anything more than what i believe
I take life with a certain rash
Like the knowledge of Adam and Eve

I haven't quite finished putting my life together
But i will be always making parts
And I will study my life forever
To make a difference have someone say "smart!"

I have some parts that are really
not to be thought of put to words
Maybe a hair that blew on the ceiling
Or something future generations deserve

It can't be said what normal is
It can't be said who is better or worse
But I just hope that my life now
Is worth how my desires thrust my hard work

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