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Deer, San Juan, WA

Wildness is an illusory distance contrived
by successive frames, box within box
of field and tangled woods, until

ears fill up and twitch with the sound
of you and eyes return your gaze right
here, right here where you are, yet

unreachable, in a grotto filled
with blue-green dimness into which
they will, with a flick, dissolve,

That liquid look in memory no more
than the aftersplash of a trout's
quick leap.

A rifle bullet crashes through
all frames and shatters--something,
but leaves the distance intact,

more opaque than ever,
like the chaos
of a cut knot.

See how delicately branches extend,
beckoning us inwards, marking
a cherished tunnel of air

to lead our vision. Wildness denies us
nothing. If you want,
say hello.

Dean Blehert

Last Updated: October 6, 2002

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