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This is actually a later painting. The early version was lost or stolen.Fruit In Cut Glass Bowl

Still life? Hell, it's APPLE OVERBOARD!
in a stormy sea of Force Ten drapery.

And yet, over the raging swarming fabric
the abandoned apple is serenely poised,
and, adrift in their precarious, almost
absent cut glass bowl, itself a piece
of the chaos, barely tamed, the bananas
and oranges show no concern.

They have, perhaps, the faith of innocence.
How can such a mess of crinkles and colors
touch what is simple, sleek, bold
and true, each one, to one hue?

The waves crash down around them,
but the oranges repose in the embrace
of staunch bananas who say,
"Fear not, no harm can come
to such glossy greenness," as easily

the apple walks the waves.

Dean Blehert

Last Updated: October 6, 2002

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