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High Meadow, Glacier Park

Isn't it nice, since big things
get littler as they move away
and little things get bigger
as they approach,

that mountains are much bigger
than we are, while wildflowers
are much littler,
so that,

standing on a mountain too near
to see, we can watch the flowers
of a single summer dwindle away
to a millennial dwindling of mountains?

The only part that doesn't make sense
is, I feel I can reach out and touch
as easily the nearest flower
or the farthest peak. Are we really

smaller than mountains, or just
accustomed to peering through
this human periscope, just as we
look at what's inside the frame,
not the surrounding wall.

An eye is as small as a wildflower,
but how big is a seeing?

Dean Blehert

Last Updated: October 6, 2002

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