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36 x 48Lake Mead, Nevada

This painting is called, "Lake Mead"
because no one knows the names of
those clouds
that leap out over the lake
like a playful pod of sky whales,
shedding a spumey wake.

If you go where this painting is from,
you will not find the road, sagebrush,
boulders and the already blue-with-absence
lake, but the clouds will be there.

One very black mountain insists
to the point of green luminosity
on being solid, protests too much,
is, I think, about to implode--

Such frenzies of envy are roused
in solidity (an endangered species)
by clouds.

If the road is gone, I don't know
how you'll get there to see the clouds
at play, unless you are already there,
where this painting comes from.

Dean Blehert

Last Updated: October 6, 2002

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