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U[ near the Batik Factory, St. KittsRoad, St. Kitts

Surely a storybook road,
so patently leading off around
a sunlit curve into clutching shadow,
so airily opalescent within flowery boarders,
yet overarched by trees that,
even in daylight, will moan to travelers,
point and writhe and tell you
this isn't Kansas--but when they see
they've frightened you, they will
reassure you, especially the full
luminous trunk leaning in on the left,
he'll shush the others, say, "Ignore
them, they like to tease." And the
most menacing, the big spreading tree
on the right and those horizontal snakey ones,
they'll turn out to be pals, goofy,
but dear. But watch out for that graceful
arching silvery tree, just left of the road:
Her branches are pointed,
and if you are beautiful, she'll be jealous.
But, like the light, you will learn
to love them all for what they can teach you
about distance.

Dean Blehert

Last Updated: October 5, 2002

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