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Genesis of a Universe

By Charles Newcomb, oil on linen, 35 x 64"

Artist's Statement

"Art is a communicaton. It can call forth a rainbow of feelings. It can be beautiful or ugly, make a statement or be indifferent.

The universe is built of polarities and everything that comes between. Ugliness pulls the spirit down. Beauty lifts it up.

I prefer beauty. I feel it is the closest we can physically get to our true nature. Beauty is a personal thing. It can be simple or complex. And it is always in motion; as we create it from moment to moment. The painter captures it and holds it still.

Our lives are ultimately our canvas to create, regradless of circumstances or who or what creates against us.

I prefer painting a new reality rather than what exists.

And hopefully the viewer will feel the electricity and energy of a new creation. Perhaps imparting a sense of the aesthetic and the spiritual as occupying almost the same space on the playing field."

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