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Upcoming Events - Directions and Particulars

The Reston Community Center: Every first Thursday at 7:30 pm. This is the monthly reading sponsored by VISIONS (Brad Strahan).
From DC or MD or Fairfax, get to Reston via Route 7 or the Dulles Toll Rd. If on the toll road, exit at Reston Blvd. and turn left onto it, go about 2 miles to Glade, turn left, go one block (to Colt's Neck Rd.), turn left and into the shopping center, park at the back of the shopping center and go BEHIND the stores to the Community Center. (There are two walks that go around the stores in the back of the lot and lead to the Reston Community Center and a church.) The people at the front desk will direct you to the reading. If you come via Rte. 7, go left onto Baron Cameron (606), then about 2 miles to Reston Blvd., then left about 3 miles to Glade, then as above. For clarification of directions, phone Dean Blehert at 703-471-7907.

Rock Creek Gallery: (8 pm) on Thurs., Jan. 20. Picturesque venue -- easiest way in is, from Conn. Av. NW, turn into the park on Tilden, go a few blocks to the bottom of the hill (inside the park), and you can see the Gallery (used to be called "the Art Barn") on your left, next to an old mill. Phone Dean Blehert at 702-471-7907 if clarification needed. The reading is on the 2nd floor. By the way, for those of you who haven't been to this series (3rd Thurs. of every month), it used to be run by Brad Strahan, but is now run by Mellissa Bell. She is looking for good readers and good listeners. This used to be a very busy venue, but dropped off a bit after Brad moved to Fredricksburg and had less time to promote it. Mellissa is working hard to build it up again.

RW Books in Manassas (Old Town): at 2 pm, Sun., Feb. 6. The address is RW Books, 9129 Center Street, Old Town Manassas. For full directions, call them at 703-257-7895. From Reston go via Hwy 28 all the way to Old Town. From DC area, you can take Rte. 66 to the Hwy 28 exit, go left off the ramp and take 28 into Manassas -- 15 or 20 miles. The highway Vs at that point, and you take the right fork (called, I think, Church) and go about 3 blocks to Western, turn left, go one block to Center St. The bookstore is across the street and to your left, on the corner. There may be a quicker way (depending on where you're coming from) -- for example, if you take 66 to the Manassas/Bull Run exits (about 10 miles beyond 28), the Manassas exit will lead you into Old Town. It's a faster route, but trickier. I suggest phoning the bookstore for the exact route.

Monthly poetry workshop on the first Monday of every month: at 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Reston Barnes & Noble -- really a workshop of peers. Dean Blehert moderates. This has been going on since April, 1999. Usually 6 to 8 poets show up. If any of you would like to participate, just bring along a poem you'd like heard and critiqued -- and please bring 8 or 10 copies of it to pass around. It's in a corner of the Barnes & Noble in the Spectrum shopping center, which is just north of the Reston Town Center. If you come on the Toll Rd. exit to your right on Reston Blvd. Go about 3 lights past the Town Center (tallish buildings on your left), then take a left on New Dominion, go one block (to Fountain), go left on Fountain to the first driveway on your right, go into the lot and to the far north corner of it, where you'll see Barnes & Noble (next to Best Buy).

Saturday, September 28, 2002