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The Way To Happiness The philosophy of these lessons: Look, Learn, Practice

Chapter 17 of "The Way To Happiness" deals with Competence. I've found that too many limit their own progress as an artist with the concept that they "haven't got the talent." 90% of being a good professional artist is about looking for yourself, learning (including good study habits), and practicing what you have learned to become Competent. If you are interested in a free copy of "The Way to Happiness", please email me for one.

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Lesson 29

1. Thought

"My advice is just jump in and do it -- start exhibiting, jump in. There all kinds of places. Just do it, whether it is at a local cooperative or other space, just jump in and get your name around." Arlene Rakoncay of Chicago Artists' Coalition from ArtCalendar June 92 p8

2. Words:
Closure - The ability of the mind to complete a pattern or picture where only suggestion exists. -- North Light Dictionary

3. Practice: "Learning bears fruit when it is applied."

Closure is an interesting and very useful concept to the artist. Try different methods of suggesting a form while not completing it. (Talk to me about this is you are at sea about what I mean.

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Last updated: December 13, 2004