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The Way To Happiness The philosophy of these lessons: Look, Learn, Practice

Chapter 17 of "The Way To Happiness" deals with Competence. I've found that too many limit their own progress as an artist with the concept that they "haven't got the talent." 90% of being a good professional artist is about looking for yourself, learning (including good study habits), and practicing what you have learned to become Competent. If you are interested in a free copy of "The Way to Happiness", please email me for one.

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Lesson 32

1. Thought

"There are long and grandiose explanations of how to create aerial perspective, but for me it helps to concentrate on one word: contrast. Now you're thinking, 'contrast: the difference between values, between light and dark.' You're right. But that's only one facet of getting a realistic look. Creating contrast in temperature, edges, paint application and brushwork is also important for boosting realism and interest in your work."
"The principle behind the use of edges is simple: sharp edges come forward, and edges become less sharp as you go back into the picture plane."

Arnett, Artists' Mag Sep 92, p.41

2. Word for the week:

TEMPERATURE: In color, the relative "warmth" or "coolness", warm colors being in the red-yellow range and cool colors in the green-violet range. North Light Dictionary of ArtTerms

Temperature is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness measured with respect to an arbitrary zero, from Latin, temperatus, past participle of Temperare, to combine properly, allied to tempus, meaning time. Chambers' Etymological English Dictionary

3. Practice: "Learning bears fruit when it is applied."

Experiment with different sorts of contrast, contrast of light-dark, warm-cool, textured-smooth, hard-soft edges. This is more than a one time exercise, but something that should be incorporated into your thinking as you paint.

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Last updated: December 13, 2004