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For laughs or for tears, some psychiatric haiku, or psychu.

PSYCHU (Gesundheit!)

The new school desk --
a bored child squirms.

American schools --
the worlds best public

"I see," he says
as if he could, then writes
a prescription.

Whatever you are is a
syndrome. Insured?

[Note: DSM V means "Dirty Secret: MONEY" or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, edition V, the voluminous list of so-called mental illnesses, one or more sure to fit you, whoever you are. These "illnesses" are sets of conditions having any number of possible causes, with no science behind their being labeled illnesses. They are voted into existence by a committee of the American Psychiatric Association on the basis of "What can we get away with?" and "Will the insurance companies pay us for medicating these symptoms if we label them an illness?" and "Do the pharmaceutical companies who financially subsidize the APA and many individual psychiatrists have a drug on hand that might be more marketable if we named this condition an illness?']

The baby reaches
for the flame. Careful -- don't be

Just a comment on psychobabble, as is the next one.

Boys with guns act out,
relieving stress, salvaging
their self-esteem.

Witness stand: Expert
testimony: Poor killer --
an abused child!

Muffled "I can't breathe!"
from the squirming child, but they
teach him...silence.

A frequent cause of injury and death in mental institutions: people suffocating from being subdued, held down and strapped in. Recent laws have probably made this less common.

"He came to us too late."
"He failed to take his pills."
Expert excuses.

"Suicidal thoughts?
It CAN'T be the pills. We'll
raise the dosage."

Insisting he's fine,
he's drugged for Oppositional

That's right: If a shrink says something's wrong with you, and you say you're fine, that's a disorder!

Autumn -- the more we
medicate, the more we roll
in federal funds.

"Shock won't damage
memory," says one who has
forgotten himself.

Downers to handle
the uppers...brain-juggling for
"chemical balance."

Poor paranoid!
Imagining shrinks want
to drug and shock him...

"Did he ever touch you
HARDER...". Dad-abuse.

There is such a thing as child abuse (much of it done by psychiatrists). There is also such a thing as practitioner-suggested child abuse, a form of iatrogenic mental illness.

"Don't you think that's
significant...?" Toss the shrink
something juicy.

Miraculous! He's
cured just as his insurance
runs out!

Happens every time. The easiest way to be pronounced cured and be told to leave a mental institution (in the absence of Medicare or Medicaid or other funding) is to have one's insurance run out.

Prozac -- a relief
not to care what others feel...
DO others feel?

Outlaw psych drugs
and only outlaws will push
psych drugs...just like now.

Child withdraws from
Ritalin -- suicide.
Connection? Prove it.

"Psychiatry" means
curing the soul. Soul? The shrink
will cure you of that.

The nurse comes to your
home to watch you medicate:
SWALLOW. It's the LAW.

It's the law in many states now - for people adjudged "mentally ill," though guilty of no crime.

"Knock knock."
"Who's there?" "Psych." "Psych who?"

"Psychu!" "Gesundheit! --
That's German for 'Health'." "Like
German for 'Solution'?"

The kids we drugged and
counseled now kill each other --
MORE counselors!