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Some of these may be closer to haiku than senryu, and a few are also under haiku. The ones most dependent on cleverness, most explicit and least implicit about the basic nature of life (what some Japanese writers would call the Buddha nature of all creatures) I've put in this senryu section.

He sweats through his tongue.
I'm being licked on the cheek
by a dog's armpit.

From bathroom to bed...oops!
Tripped on a black furry
speed bump.

The cats and dogs know
It's a man's world: They go
on tiptoe.

In case you haven't noticed, they do, indeed, walk on their toes. Their heels are well up their legs.

I no longer eat meat,
but get no thanks
from these cows.

Of her own volition
the cat leaves my lap -
I can walk!

I had in mind the great line in the movie "Dr. Strangelove", where Strangelove, upon hearing that nuclear devastation has begun, rises from his wheel chair, shouting joyfully, "Mein Fuhrer! I can VALK!"

Hot, humid.
Like a refrigerator surge,
the dog's panting.

I'm glad my passing
brings so much excitement to
so many dog's lives.

The cat's rear rises
to meet my stroke...and is gone!
Was I not worthy?

Home late. Three meowing cats
lead me into the kitchen.
Call of the tame!

L.A. night.
Three stray dogs sniff me, trot off,
thinking, "Where's his car?"

She brings me her ball:
I toss it, she brings, I toss...
Who is training whom?

The dog beats her tail
on the floor: WHACK WHACK WHACK.
I wish I could do that.

We have cats, dogs and
urine smell in every season
of the haiku.

Another NO DOGS
ALLOWED sign. Mine would lift
a leg and piss on it.

"Hello, little fox" -
He stares at me, would love to talk,
but has to run.

did the grass taste as good
as you do?