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A haiku may deal with people, but usually views them (as it views leaves, bugs, deer, trees, the sun, the moon, etc.) as part of a natural world, changing with the seasons, whereas senryu are more likely to include details of manners and personality and satire.

"Take your medicine!"
says the jogger. His body

Long dress -- age-old solution
to a woman's ending
merely in feet.

In bed alone with
a hard-on; where's the missing
jig-saw puzzle piece?

He holds the camera; she
gets baby to smile. Someone
should take their picture.

All week I work with
paper. It's not so bad. Real
people wrote on it.

Highschool tenor,
clutching larynx firmly between eyebrows...
Oops -- squeak!

News: Movie Star Dies
Drunk--almost as good as
meeting him in person.

He stands there, pale rage
turning to blush--I think
he just laughed in his pants.

Whew! That guy's FAT!
How come his fatness makes me
think better of myself?

Yes, lovely boobs...now
STOP that! Silly eyes, I can't
take you anywhere!

Thunder! "...and just move
the couch over here..." says Hera
to Zeus.

The idea being that thunder is the gods moving their furniture about.

How do I reach whoever,
this morning, uses my gut
as a beeper?

Hot dry west Texas day -
even thoughts
slow to a drawl.

Stain on my shirt -
lucky! Could have been
a stain on my skin.

Pam's out of town.
I jack off just to know
I still can.

A plastic toothpick
commits war crimes in the colonies
of my teeth.

Shower down my back
in long warm braids. After,
I dry myself - bald.

That is, bald in the sense that the drying removes the braids of water.

Rituals differ:
The Hopi have raindances.
We wash our cars.

A play on the old joke when you've just washed your car, it will start to rain (making it a waste of time to have washed your car).

Nice design,
the blood bright red - easy
to detect punctures.

I no longer eat meat,
but get no thanks
from these cows.

Even vegetarians (and I've been one at certain periods of my life) gets little respect from cows (observed over a fence) and will will curse as well as a steak eater if he steps in a wet cow pie.

Patience, patience - someday
they'll thank us.

Not a statement of belief, just a sassy response to insanity.

On day six of a juice fast:
I just shat three tiny turds.
I'm so proud!

No kids show up
to be paid to shovel snow.
Where are they - online?

Listen to that man roar!
Nothing can be
that funny.

Perhaps a haiku. The subject is social, but the simplicity undermines that.

The jogger's legs pump
as arms stiffly shrug -
"Don't blame us."

Does he grimace in thought
because he smokes a pipe or
vice versa?

Which came first, the thoughtfulness or the pipe?

East coast, west coast - three
hours apart, naked in mirrors,
brushing our teeth.

Backyard sunbathers,
shy, stare at their books,
the grass, the sky.

That is, not at one another.

Backyard sunbathers
spice up satellite photos.
A bureaucrat leers.

Studying -- SHE walks in!
He stands to leave,
holding his books just so.

It can happen to you too, if you're a horny adolescent male in the college library. In case you haven't been a young male recently, the books are held "just so" to cover up an embarrassing erection. This, not in subject, but in simplicity and level of suggestion, might be closer to haiku than senryu.

Beneath a naked bulb
that shorts on and off, they lie,
shorts on and off.

Perhaps a sleazy motel scene.

We'd look odd,
sitting here staring, if someone
removed the TV.

I lived as I wrote,
choppily. I said my say.
Did I cut your comm?

The idiom "to cut comm" may not be familiar to all. It means to interrupt someone and cut off their communication.

Discussing diets – we are
so intelligent, so well-informed,
so fat.

This little poet went to market his poems,
and cried "waa! waa! waa!"
all the way home.

A bit long for the genre (it's winter, and I'm wearing my long genres). But it seemed to belong among my senryu.

Jogging before a mirror --
in the belly's bounce...
a ghost of abs?

I wanted her
to return my love - she
returned it unused.

Pantihose...I miss
the thrill of groping beyond
the garters.

Panti-hose was rare or non-existent during my horny adolescence. Women wore nylon stockings, above which groping hands would find real, silky, soft flesh of thighs.

A modern doll - you
tip her back and the eyes
open wider.

Alludes to dolls (representing babies) which, when you tilt them backwards, automatically shut their eyes.

Cats and women -
the voice questions while the eyes
know all the answers.

I'm getting fatter.
If beauty is skin-deep, mine
becomes profound.

"I want you in me!"
Cried the fat lady to the
chocolate cheesecake.

"TAKE ONE", but the
holder is empty. I'd take one
if I could - honest!