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Microsoft Windows:

Strictly silly (or perhaps a way to avoid tears). I've seen a distantly similar bunch of imitation haiku on the Internet making fun of incomprehensible error messages and mysterious system crashes. It's funny. This one is my own, slightly less farcical and perhaps a little closer to actual haiku.

Bill Gates says ending
is beginning: To shut down,
we click on "Start-Up".

Upgrades 95 -- simple,

Summer forgotten,
"Insufficient Memory"
freezes my Windows.

Asking for my files --
please do not say an error...
Damn! Sayonara!

Data may be lost
if you proceed. Proceed? Yes?
No? (Where is Maybe?)

Opening E-mail --
an irrecoverable
error! WHAT error!?

Click...click...click click CLICK!
The mouse makes nothing happen.

Even this does doodly-squat.
Curse, press "OFF", then pray.

Lightning...you'll have time,
MUCH time, for cherry blossoms --
no surge protector.

Clicking on icons
this spring day, I wonder what
my neighbor's doing.

The last poem alludes to one of Basho's best known haiku, in which, hearing noises from a neighbor's house (pounding of a fuller's hammer, as I recall, used to make felt), he wonders what his neighbor is doing. I sometimes wonder, in these suburbs, who my neighbor is. A good Samaritan, I hope.

Earlier, the pun on "say an error" - Sayonara (Japonese for Good-bye - as the system crashes) seems appropriate, since haiku is a Japanese form.