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Scientology Spiritual Counseling Handled my Problems
Probably the major thing is that I’ve been able to free myself from introversions, hang-ups and drugs. It has allowed me to move on to be more aware of my surroundings.

Scientology Course Improved Scholastic Aptitude
The Scientology course work and spiritual counseling I did gave me the tools necessary to improve my scholastic aptitude and take greater control over the events that unfold in my life.

Use of Scientology Principles
I see that things are getting better because the choice to make them so is ours, we are not victims of our environment. I am glad I chose to be in control using Scientology principles.

Dianetics and Scientology Technology Recommended
Everywhere we look we see confusion: people with personal problems, relationships that have gone sour, kids out of control and so on. I found solutions.

Depression Help with Scientology Processes
At age 16, Becky was introduced to the Scientology technology. “I learned who I really am. I applied Scientology processes to my life and with the increased inner strength gained I overcame my depression forever.”

Feeling Better with Scientology Spiritual Counseling
I received some Scientology spiritual counseling that addressed the spiritual causes of allergies. Since then, I feel released, lighter and finally enjoy being able to go outside and experience life by walking outside.

Scientology Techniques Changed my Life
Susan Crane shares how Scientology techniques totally changed her life. “I was going through some very bad times in my life and I knew something needed to change.”

Charlie Black, a Scientologist
I feel good about myself. I know that and I am making a difference in the world. I am going to have a well-lived life.

I Became a Scientologist in 1977
After becoming a Scientologist in 1977, my life became cleaner with much more understanding. My tolerance for my fellow man increased dramatically.

Scientology Practices Help Life
Jan Napier talks about how she has been involved with the Scientology technology since 1972. There are many practical applications in many different areas of life.

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