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Jessie Connell Learns Scientology Study Technology
Jessie talks about how she has improved her reading skills using Scientology study methods.

Scientology Study Course Helped Robert Sampson
Doing the Student Hat course and learning the Scientology study technology that he applied on the job, allowed Robert to make more money and be successful in life.

Scientology Communication Course Recommended by Teacher
By taking some Scientology courses I have been able to communicate better and have learned more about studying. I am a teacher, so this information has allowed me to better serve my students.

Frank Rosati, a Scientologist
Frank states how Scientology technology has helped him in every aspect of his life.

Sharon’s Self-Esteem Problem Helped
Read Sharon’s story about how she became a Scientologist and with Scientology technology she was helped to build up her self-esteem.

Mother Helps Daughter with Scientology Spiritual Counseling
After Scientology spiritual counseling my daughter was well and happy. Something we hadn’t achieved with her anywhere else. “Scientology technology works,” says Karen.

I attended a Scientology Lecture
A friend took me to a lecture about the Scientology philosophy. “I was impressed, took a course and found out some secrets about myself I was very happy about. I found purpose and direction.”

Employing L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Methods
My biggest success was finding L. Ron Hubbard’s study methods, which students of all ages and ability can use. I set up a school using this study method and many children have benefited in their education as a result.

Scientologist Daren Nelson Gained Understanding
I became a Scientologist as there were a lot of things I didn’t understand, such as why some people behave in a desirable and fun manner and some in a not so desirable way. I found out why.

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