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Scientologist Ann V. Hurst Knows there is Future Happiness
Ann talks about how since she became a Scientologist not only is her life and work much happier but also she knows there is more happiness to come in the future.

Scientologist James Howell Knows he can Help Others
His greatest success is an awareness and understanding that he can improve conditions in his life and the lives of those he lives and works with, simply by using the Scientology technology he has learned.

John Brinkley Uses Scientology to Help with his Marriage
John talks about how the Scientology technology has been helpful in his marriage and with his children.

Bruce Spell, a Scientologist Succeeding in Everyday Life
Bruce talks about how the Scientology technology has made his life much better. “I am winning everyday in life and I’m able to successfully handle problems as they come up.”

Monica Barrera Knows Dianetics Auditing Works
I want to know about everything. It might take time and work but I am learning a lot and having fun doing it. Ten years ago my sister introduced me to Dianetics auditing, and I saw that it works.

Tina Hammer-Stump, a Scientologist who can Handle Life
Tina talks about how through the Scientology technology she has learned how to successfully be with others and handle life, like she has never been able to before.

Gypsy Miller does the Scientology Purification Program
Gypsy talks about how her biggest success with the Scientology technology came from doing the Purification Program. “It saved my life — literally.”

Iris Lowery, a Scientologist who can Handle Problems in Life
Scientology technology in my life has really made life worth living again. I now have the ability to handle the problems of life instead of just accepting things as “a part of life,” or, “that’s just the way it is.

Scientologist Bob Lowery is Now a Sane and Happy Person
The Scientology technology turned Bob from a drunk having flashbacks of Korea and Vietnam with every kind of problem you can imagine, into a sane and happy person who no longer drinks or has flashbacks, and is able to handle life.

Mark Poole, a Scientologist who Knows his Potential
Mark talks about how the Scientology technology has helped him understand himself and know his true potential.

Scientologist Wayne Morris had Success with Dianetics Therapy
My biggest success came from doing Dianetics therapy. This totally changed my life and I realized exactly why a situation in my life was occurring and allowed me to resolve it.

T.J. Leesley, a Scientologist in South Carolina
Find out about T.J. and his personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in South Carolina. Find out what Scientology philosophy has done for him and what it can do for you.

Sandie Guilford, a Scientologist
Sandie discusses how getting involved with the Scientology technology was the best thing she could have done for herself.

Chappell Dew, a Scientologist Free from Unwanted Conditions
Chappell talks about how the Scientology technology is the reason why he is free of unwanted conditions in his life.

Daniel Horn, a Scientologist who has More Serenity in his Life.
Daniel talks about how he feels more in communication since he’s been a Scientologist and has more serenity in his life.

Scientologist Sharon Sturkie Has Hope for a Happy Future
I am far and above where I was before I became a Scientologist in my understanding of life and how it works. I found out life doesn’t have to be struggle. There is really hope for a happy future.

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