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Paintings Sold - 1988 through 2001 (no records kept prior)

15711 Dover Road, Upperco
15th & PA Ave NW, Wash DC
2nd Avenue NYC
3 Boats - Study
4896 Lincoln
4900 Lincoln
5 & Dime Cafe, Herndon
Abate Family
Adams Morgan, Muraled Building
After Dinner
Aller House
Antigua I
Antigua II
Apple & Matisse
Artist - "the ideal"
Assembly House
Autumn, Rock Creek Park
Barton House
Benson House
Bicycles (print: 1/15)
Big Cats in Snow
Big Cats in Snow - Study
Big Marine Lake, Minn
Blossoms-boy with trees
Boats Docked, Patmos
Brady House
Brass pot and Orange II
Brass Pot and Oranges I
Brick House with 2 Bay Windows
Bridge over Sugarland
Caribbean Marketplace
Caribbean Windswept Tree
Carol Bernard House
Carousel at Smithsonian
Carousel at the Mall
Carousel, Smithsonian
Carousel, Smithsonian - Study
Cherry Blossom Festval 89
Cherry Blossoms - Washington Monumt
Cherry Blossoms, E Potomac Pk-study
Child Drawing
Child in Jonquil Garden
Children with Geese
Christie Foster's parents
Church at Harpers Ferry
Cobra House
Columbia River, WA
Comp in Orange & Black
Composition w/old turnips
Connecticut and R (Puffy Clouds)
Corinne drawing
Cows under Trees
Crossing West Montana
DC: Columbia Rd, NW
DC: Conn & R St, NW
DC: Dupont Circle
DC: The Mall, The Capitol
Deer Mouse
Dimitres House
Dinghies, Manchester Harbor, Mass
Docked at St. Kitts
Down & Out in New Orleans
Ducks on Lake Anne
Dupont Circle
Early Iris
Eggener House
Elizabeth Johnson's parents
Exbury House
Exchange Street, Portland, Maine
Farm in Winter, No. Va.
Farm Yard in Winter
Farmers Market, Herndon
Farmhouse and Barn,Rt 11 Va
Flat Meadow House
Fletchers Boat House
Footbridge in Rck Crk Prk
Frozen Dairy Bar
Fruit Bowl with Silver Pitcher
Fruit Bowl-Paisley Scarf
Fruit Vendor near the Capitol
Gallery, Harpers Ferry W Va
Great Falls VA, July
Great Falls, Virginia
Groves House
Guitar and 2 bottles
Hahn House
Halloween Mask
Harpers Ferry - Autumn
Harpers Ferry Autumn
Harvest Bread illustration
Helga & Joy
Hennessey & Oranges
Her First Cherry Blossoms
Her Mother's Homestead
Herndon Farmers Market
Herndon in Rain
High Water - Chain Bridge
Holt House Portrait
House by Harbor, Barbados
House Portrait - F202
House Portrait - F203
House where mother born
Huber House
Hunter Mill Road
Iris Garden
Irish Cafe, Harpers Ferry
Isaacs House
Jean Summer's Mother
Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial II
Jervey House
Kopfman House
La Grande Saline - study
La Tomate, Conn Ave & R
Lake Anne Fountain
Laszlo Eszenyi
Les Saintes Harbor II
Les Saintes Harbor VI
Les Saintes Harbor VII
Lewis House
Lobster Boats, Portland ME
Lynn Brinkman House
Magnolia, Mass
Magnolias at Smithsonian
Marblehead Rocks, Mass
Marketplace, Barbados
Mary Holt House
McConomy Family
McLarnon House
Mexican Hat
Michael's Nanny's Grndson
Mule Deer
Mute Swan
New Mexico
New Parkland House
New Tomatoes
Niko On Bed
Nina Jones House
Old Bayberry Rd, Reston
Old House on Route Seven

Old House, Herndon
Old House, Rte 7, VA.
Old Post Office, Blue Striped Tent
Old Town Alexandria
Old Turnips
Olivia Pnting,Lit flls cr
Ominous Bird
Onions and Book
Orange (little boy)
Orange Bouquet
Orange Tree, White House, Rt 11 VA
Painting of Homestead
Pastel of bride & groom
Pastel of grandchild
Pastel of Lisa
Pastel of little girl
Pastel of Megan
Pastel of Megan
Pastel of Michael
Pastel of other grdchild
Pastel of Son
Pastel of Son & Family
Pattie Mordie's House
Pears and Book
Pears on Blue Cloth
Pears on White Cloth
Pennsylvania Farm
Peonies - Meadowlark
Peoples Drug - Dupont Cir
Peppers and Fauves
Picnic on the Mall
Pierce Gault's wife
Pilot Boat
Pitcher & Silver Platter
Polar Sunrise
Portrait - Lee Koehn
Portrait as a Young Man
Portrait of 3 Children
Portrait of Angie Knewitz
Portrait of baby & rattle
Portrait of cat,Patti-Sue
Portrait of Daughter
Portrait of Dorothy
Portrait of family
Portrait of George th Cat
Portrait of grandchildren
Portrait of Granddaughter
Portrait of granddaughter
Portrait of Grandmother
Portrait of her M & F
Portrait of Megan
Portrait of Michael
Portrait of Parents
Potting (limited Palette)
Print: Southwester 1/250
Print: Southwester 2/250
Print: Southwester 3/250
Print: Southwester 4/250
Print: Southwester 5/250
Rag Doll II
Rag Doll III
Rainy Weather, New Harbor ME II
Rainy Weather,New Harbor,Maine
Rd by Batik Shop,St Kitts
Red Crane, Martinique
Red Peppers
Reder House
Redhead (Study)
Reston Festival - oil Sketch
Reston Festival, '91
Richard Goldsby House
Rio Grande, Hot Springs, Big Bend
Robey House
Robinson House
Ron & Sara Garson Portrait
Rt 50 East of Winchester
S.L. w/Silver Platter
Sandy Beach, Les Saintes
Sandy Beach, Les Saintes - study
Seattle Neighborhood
Sheridan Park
Silver Pitcher
Sky over Kleine Bonaire
Smithsonian Castle
Soup Pot with Cabbage
Soup Pot with Vegetables
Spring Terrace House
St Francis Xavier Church
St. Barths, Bay - study
Stewart House
Still Life with Basket
Still Life with Mexican Hat
Still Life with Orange
Still Life with Soup Pot
Still Life with Wine
Storm Brewing,Caribbean
Storm Clouds, Montana
Storm, Chisos Mountains
Stormy Weather, Chisos
Sugarland Run, Autumn
Summer in Rock Creek II
Summer in Rock Creek Park I
Sunshine-child in grass
Teri Randall House
The "Ideal" - self portrait '62
The Dance
The Rift, Taos, NM
The Silver Platter
The Wellpotts House
Tierney House
Tom Cook House
Tomato on White Plate
Tomkey House
Toni McIntyre House
Two Barns,White House,Blue Ridge
Two Eggs in Bowl
Two horses
Two Mice
Verily House
Vickie Smith Portrait - 3 children
View of Fairy Stone Lake
Visit to the Lighthouse
Volcanic Beach, St. Eustatius
Wallace House
Wash Day, Grenada
Washington Cathedral
Water Runoff, Chisos
Waterfall -- Harpers Ferry
Wedding Portrait
Wendy Engleman's Parents
Wendy Morrison House
White Horse, white Fence
Wind Instrument (acrylic)
Wine & 2 onions (oil study)
Wine Glass and Flower Pitcher
Winter Stream
Winter Stream in Mist
Winter Stream,Purple Mist
Yellow Bottle
Yellow Iris (Batik)
Yogurt Patch, Conn Ave
Yogurt Patch, Conn Ave - study
Young Girl
Young's Farm

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